Choose your favorite
clip art and customize
your Labels & Tags!


(within the USA)



Made in the USA!

Washable Durable
Labels for Clothes

Tear Resistant Plastic Tags
for Back Packs, Luggage,
Sport Bags, etc.

Add a personal touch &
make your own customized Labels & Tags

Resistant Plastic Tags!

Prefer a Picture on your
Label & Tags?
Send them to us at
the end of your order page

Labels & Tags

Don't loose your Bags...
Make your own Luggage Tags for traveling!
Add your address and phone number on the back of all
your Tags

Made in the USA!

Waterproof Labels
Tear - Wear Resistant
Plastic Tags
for all your Kid's Stuff

Washable Labels for
most Clothing Material

Choose your own
personal clip art/picture
and customize your
Labels & Tags.
Add your own personal touch!

(within the USA)

Loosing your Kid's Blanket
at Daycare?
Label them with Sticky Iron-on
Could not find your Kid's Shoes
at Summer Camp?
Use Sticky ShoeLabels

Missing Bottles and Cups?
Use any of our Sticky Labels to name them with your own
personalized design

Label your Kid's Stuff
with Stickylabels4kids

Need Help to design your Labels & Tags?
Send us an e-mail.  We will forward pdf files with a lot of samples to choose from.
Pick your font, color, design, and make a lot of different Labels & Tags per sheet at no extra cost.

We support
"Fundacion Remanso De Amor"

Having a Birthday Party?
Do you want to
personalize the kids
items with your
Party's Theme?
Send us your guest's list
and we'll do special
Labels and/or
Tags for your child's Party!

ONLY $12.00
per sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Do you really allow up to 4 names, 4 clip art and/or a picture of my child as an option for every order I place?
Yes we do! The software we use allows us to add more than one name and clip art per sheet. No other company offers this many choices so take advantage of it!

Q : I have two Kids, a boy and a girl.  I would like the color font in blue and pink for each child.  Can I do it?
A :
Yes you can! Eventhough you have only one option in the order form because of the Pay Pal limitations, you can let us know what you want within the comment box at the end of your order.  You can also type the color font next to your child's name with the clip art.  Remember, you picked your options and you make as many different stickers as you want for each sheet you buy (See some samples all around the web page).     

Q : How can you charge such low prices?
A :
We can keep our prices low for several reasons. The first is we buy in bulk to make our cost per sheet low. Second, we don't have a lot of overhead cost since we don't have a storefront and a lot of employees. I do most of the work, which keeps costs to a minimum.

Q : Why do you sell more labels/tags per package at a lower price than anybody else?
A :
All our products come in 8.5" x 11' sheets. Labels and Tags are die cut to different sizes and we sell as many as one sheet will hold. The cost is the same for us so we pass on the savings to you. Additionally, we have created this product for kids from a desperate mom. If was out of necessity that I made this product and I want an affordable product available to everyone. We want to help parents identify their kid's belongings with the best quality product available. We offer more options per sheet of labels than other places and our low price makes the product really affordable. You definitely get more bang for your bucks!

Q : What is "Remanso de Amor"?
A :
Remanso de Amor is a kids foundation that we support with the sale of all our products. We are donating $1.00 dollar for every sheet we sell (out of each $12.00).

Q : Why do you support an overseas foundation?
A :
We have family and friends in Cartagena, Colombia- South America and we visited this foundation a few times. We like their mission and the wonderful things they are doing for these less fortunate kids. We thought our business was a good way to help support those kids especially since this product is mainly for kids too. You can visit their Web Page at
http://www.fundacionremansodeamor.org. It is available in Spanish, English & Deutsch. 
Mission: Provide support to Colombian children and families in extremely vulnerable conditions, satisfying their intellectual, social, and psychophysical needs through an integral education, nutrition, health care, and labor training programs.  
  • For Education: School supplies and Books
  • For Health: Medical supplies and medicines
  • For Nutrition: Basic Food, Refrigerators, and Electric Supplies
  • For Training: Help to create Small Businesses, Supplies and Materials
All their programs are completely free for the community. They provide Education for Kids, Pregnant Mothers, and School for Parents, Support and Counseling for Families, and Nutrition and Medical attention for the whole family.

Thank you for buying our products and thanks from the "Remanso de Amor Foundation" for being part of our support group when you buy our labels and tags.

Fundacion Remanso De Amor

Q : How can I help them directly?
A :
You can send an e-mail to his Director Jorge Berrio at info@fundacion
You can also donate some money through a wire transfer with:
Citibank New York
ABA 0210000889 Account No. 36006658
To the Account of Remanso de Amor de BanColombia Acct No. 6780363293-4
You can also make a direct deposit with Washington Mutual Bank, to Account No. 3112003607 for remanso de Amor.

Q : How can you donate money from the sale and still keep you product cheap?
A :
This business was born with one purpose in mind. Help parents and their children somehow. We are helping moms & dads by producing a quality product at an affordable price. We want to help kids by giving some of our earnings to educate them, which will give them a chance for a better future. We are big supporters of "Kids" and "Remanso de Amor Foundation" was the perfect choice to share our profits.

Q : Are Sticky Labels really durable and waterproof?
A :
Yes they are extremely durable if used properly. The adhesive is really strong and sticks to the surface even after many times of washing and submerging them under water. They can be placed in the microwave and dishwasher and won't come off. We have tested all our products and personally use the labels for my Kid's items at daycare.

Q : Do your labels stay on after washing them?
A :
Yes they do. They will stay on even when you rub them gently with a cloth/sponge while washing them or if you put them in the microwave or dishwasher. We recommend to be gentle to help them last longer.  Do not use an abrasive wash cloth since it will rub the ink off eventually.  If you put them in a dishwasher, we recommend liquid detergent instead of powder. 

Q : Can I call you to place my order and/or ask questions?
A :
You can call us at our Toll Free number (1-866- 632-3942) and leave a message. We will answer your questions within 24 business hours. Additionally, you can send us an e-mail at
contact@stickylabels4kids.com with any questions you might have. We will respond to your e-mail as soon as possible usually within the same day.

Q : I don't want to use my credit card on-line. How can I place an order?
A :
We use PayPal for our online ordering and it is perfectly safe but if you prefer, we can accept your order by mail. Just print out the order form and mail it to us at:

Sticky Labels 4 Kids
P.O. Box 2572
League City, TX 77574

Please be sure to include your check or money order.
Click here to download the form (this is a pdf document and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see it).

Q : How long is the shipping time after I place my order?
A :
If your order is small, we usually ship it within 24-48 hrs. Additionally, we now offer a proof of your labels before they are printed (e-mail to you as a PDF file).  You get to see your order to make any final changes before shipping.  After confirmation via e-mail, we ship within 24 hours.

Q : I don't know what I want, Can you help me to create my labels?
A :
Of course we can.  Let us know your child's name or names and the clip art you like and we will create the labels accordingly.  We will match the clip art with font color and type and try to make it look good until you are satisfied.  We will e-mail them to you for confirmation and print them to ship when you are ready. 
Q : How much is the shipping?
A :
Our standard shipping within the USA is free. We ship United States Postal Service. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for your order to arrive after we have shipped your order. All other orders outside USA have an extra $3.00 charged as stated in our shopping cart.

Q : Can I have the Sticky Iron-on Labels in color?
A : YES!
  Finally we can offer you full color on our Sticky Iron-on.  We used to offer only in Black ink, but now our same product is out to you with the colors you always wanted.  

Q : I can't find a clip art I like, can I have something else?
A :
Yes you can. If you have a design, border, or picture you want to print on the labels or tags, send it to us at
contact@stickylabels4kids.com. You can also upload them at the end of your order.  Be sure it is in JPG/GIF format and not bigger than 1Mg. We can not edit clip art so please do your editing before you send it to us. Remember, you have up to 4 clip art options per sheet, so use them all.

Q : I have two kids, can I have both names in one sheet?
A :
Of course you can. We are the only place that offers you the option of adding extra names to your order. You can have up to 4 different names per sheet. Remember you can also have up to 4 clip art per sheet so each child can have his own unique design.

Q : I would like to use your labels at my child's birthday party to personalize items for the kids.  Can you make the labels for all of them at a reasonable cost?
A :
Of course we can.  Send us your Guest's list and Party's theme and we will
e-mail you a
"Sample Sheet" at no extra cost per sheet.  For only $12.00 we can add all the names in only one sheet of labels and use a lot of different clip art to match your child's party theme.  Just give us some time since we have to e-mail you the proof before printing a few times until you are 100 % satisfied. 

Q: Can I also have the Sticky Tags named with different names for my christmas presents? 
A: YES! Just send us your Christmas List and we will e-mail you a "Sample Sheet" .
We can make up to 16 different tags per sheet for the same $12.00 each.

Q : Can I have my kids picture on the Sticky Tags?
A :
Yes you can and also in all our sticky labels products. You can have up to 4 clip art/pictures choices per sheet on any product. Use them all so you will have up to 4 different labels/tags per sheet.

Q : Can I use your labels & tags as a gift?
A :
Yes you can. Use your mailing address and shipping information to state where it needs to be sent.

Q : I have used your labels and I would like to have a fundraising at my child's school.  Can you help me?
A :
Of course we can. Just contact us by phone or e-mail to register and get all the details you need.  We will provide the flyers, the order forms, some sample sheets (in paper only) and offer your group 16% to 17% discount on all your sales.  We will mail the orders individually packaged to the fundraising address for distribution.  We will also work with you and add your logo and information to the flyer to help your sales.  
Click here to download our Sample Flyer (this is a pdf document and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see it).
Our Toll Free number is 1-866-632-3942

Q : My kid is allergic to dairy products, can I have a special label for it?
A :
Of course you can. There are many options offered, please state what you need on the text lines available. Any special picture can be sent to us as your 4 clip art options available on any sheet. Use the "Additional Comments" section at the end of your order form to make any special requests.

Q : What is your guarantee policy?
A :
We have tested all our products and continue to use them on a daily basis.  If they are used properly and you follow our instructions, they should last longer.  They won't last forever but the ink should stay on after many washes and a few months of use.  We garantee our products.  Please contact us if you have any question regarding our products and how to use them.  Your satisfaction is our number one priority.   If you are not 100% happy, we will replace the labels or refund your money when you returned the unused portion before 30 days from receiving them.  

Click on any image to view larger image.